I use my experience in Canada’s top newsrooms to help artists, entrepreneurs, activists and purpose-driven organizations tell engaging, timely, accurate stories that keep audiences coming back for more. 

Journalism taught me accuracy, speed, and collaboration. Combined with what I’ve learned from yoga, and I put those skills to work in a variety of ways:

I’m a writer

I write journalistic articles for mainstream media outlets. I also write bespoke content for businesses, including articles, blogs, training manuals, white papers and ebooks.

I’m a writing coach

I help people develop content that helps them advance their mission, boost their careers, or launch and sustain a business. I help people hone what they have to say, increase their visibility and get more of what they really want in their lives.

I’m available anywhere

I love to meet up in person, but that’s kind of a bonus. Most of my work happens online. That allows me and my clients to save travel time and fit our appointments into busy schedules. I am committed to video calls whenever possible because creates a stronger connection.

I am a generalist

I’ve written about so many subjects over the years I’ve been a writer! That helps me connect the dots for a general audience, no matter the subject matter. My clients have included a product inventor, an innovation hub, a mortgage broker, several real estate agents, a naturopathic doctor, two activists, and a women’s clothing store.

I simplify complex topics

Though I’m capable of writing about a wide variety of topics, my super power is explaining complex topics in simple language. Technology, finance and business transformation are areas where I excel.

Posi vibes!

I’m a reader, a yogi, a minimalist, a cheerleader for creativity and a relentlessly positive person. I help communities create a culture of kindness, creativity and trust.