Who doesn’t want to make Amazing Decisions?

Dan Ariely’s book helps explain why people usually do the right thing… and why they sometimes don’t

If the educational animated series Schoolhouse Rock mated with the academic field of Behavioural Economics, the two would have a baby named Amazing Decisions.

The author of this inventive book, Dan Ariely, is a professor of cognitive psychology at Duke University, where he founded the Center for Advanced Hindsight. The research he conducts there puts human beings in situations that test their decision-making, and he’s written several books to explain the results of his studies.

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The Origami Yoda series is perfect for family read-alouds

This series of illustrated novels by the U.S. writer Tom Angleberger is so addictively enjoyable that your kid might just put down the video game console and devour them before the summer’s up

American author Tom Angleberger was inspired by the famous artist Fumiaki Kawahata’s origami Yoda when he wrote his charming series of books about a group of sixth graders who become better friends while making paper puppets in the likenesses of Star Wars characters.

Who could have imagined that such an esoteric beginning would spark a creative project that would spread so far and wide as Angleberger’s massively popular series?

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Catstronauts Mission Moon cover

Catstronauts is purrrrfect summer reading for kids of all ages and genders

This series is the literary equivalent of a PB&J sandwich. It’s two great tastes — cats and astronauts — smooshed together between two slices of bread … I mean covers

In each installment of this five-book series, a fuzzy group of feline CatStronauts, led by Major Meowser and Chief Science Officer Pom Pom, takes on an important space mission to save the world.

Reluctant readers and all genders will love these books by author and illustrator Drew Brockington.

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