Little Black Book embraces today’s unconventional careers

Otegha Uwagba’s guidebook for creative women will make you feel not so alone

This light little volume is a must-read for women entering the workforce now, as well as more mature women who need a refreshing millennial tutor. There are so many complex things to understand, but Uwagba makes it all seem simple.

Using a chatty tone and an approachable style, Uwagba directly addresses issues that might challenge an ambitious woman in a world that is changing at a rapid pace:

Three reasons you should read this book:

1. It has a satisfying origin story

Author Otegha Uwagba first published this slim volume independently in 2016, printing only 250 copies. The original handbook sold out in two days, and soon Uwagba had herself a book deal. The book sold gangbusters and made the Sunday Times Bestseller list, with more than 75,000 copies sold.

2. It offers encouragement

Uwagba’s supportive voice is enough to make you feel like everything is going to work out fine. Ranging from practical tips to inspirational pep talks, each section of the book tackles a different aspect of the complex modern work-world. She makes it seem easy. And maybe it is.

3. It contains millennial wisdom for the masses

Millennial women have so much to teach. Their way of thinking is empowered, unapologetic and decidedly unfiltered. Uwagba isn’t afraid to break taboos. She proposes talking about money at every opportunity, and learning to negotiate a raise is the first order of business.

My takeaway: I’m not the only one

This book taught me that I’m not alone in feeling confused by the modern workplace. Even the simple things have become complicated.

Uwagba reminds me to try new things, even before I’ve got them figured out, before I’m good at them.

I think this book is helping going to go easier on myself for not having it all figured out. Uwagba’s voice is helpful but never preachy.

Do you wish you had a more supportive network of work friends?

Are you aiming to improve your soft skills?

Have you recently graduated or taken a maternity leave?

If so, you should read this book.

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