Marissa Orr's book Lean Out rests on a table beside a ham sandwich

Marissa Orr’s Lean Out helped me make sense of my own ambition

Did Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In make you want to cry out in despair? Me too. Marissa Orr’s Lean Out, on the other hand, made me want to shout out my wholehearted agreement

When I read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In a few years ago, I wanted to cry, rage and throw the book across the room. It made me feel irrelevant, odd, and lazy because I don’t care to have a big career where I bust my ass 12 hours a day in profit-serving work that would infest my life like a non-native species were I to rest for a minute.

On the other hand, when I read Marissa Orr’s Lean Out, an open response to Sheryl Sandberg’s book, I certainly shed a tear or two while turning pages. But for a completely different reason. I felt recognized, heard, and validated.

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Cover of Becoming by Michelle Obama, featuring a portrait of Obama with a warm smile.

There’s a reason Michelle Obama is the most admired woman in the world

In her book Becoming, the former First Lady of the United States reveals herself as a hard worker, a servant of the people, and a daring leader

Though memoirs are a bit outside my mission here, I made an exception for this candid story of how one hard-working little girl matured into the world’s most admired woman.

Becoming, which came out last year, is set to become the bestselling memoir of all time, with more than 10 million copies sold as of March, 2019. It had to be good.

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Little Black Book embraces today’s unconventional careers

Otegha Uwagba’s guidebook for creative women will make you feel not so alone

This light little volume is a must-read for women entering the workforce now, as well as more mature women who need a refreshing millennial tutor. There are so many complex things to understand, but Uwagba makes it all seem simple.

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