Hire Daphne as an editor
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I coach writers and organizations on the art and business of writing.

I show writers how to use newsroom methods to make reliably good content on deadline.

I provide tools for developing a professional, productive, predictable output. I help create accountability systems and remind writers to prioritize their writing.

I help organizations create internal processes and infrastructures for communicating amongst themselves on content creation, content publishing, and social media audience engagement.

Who I work with

I work with people who have a writing project on the go and need help finishing it.

I also work with people and organizations who are already creating content but want to take the craft of writing and the business of publishing more seriously.

  • Fiction and non-fiction
  • Experienced and beginner
  • Individuals and groups
  • Artists and entrepreneurs

I work with organizations who might never have systematized their content creation and publishing structures. I help them think like publishers to maximize the impact of the content they create.

Types of projects

A few examples of writing projects I’ve helped clients with:

  • self-published books
  • ebooks
  • blog posts 
  • LinkedIn posts
  • fictional short stories
  • art grant applications
  • social media posts


Positive writing vibes are my specialty. I bring attention to what’s working in your writing to help you bring more of that to the page.

Oh, I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll definitely show you where your writing could be more amazing. I’ll explain elements of craft that can help you be more clear, compelling and concise.

But I’ll say it in a way that will help you recognize and build on the writing strengths you already possess.

Where I work

I am based in Toronto. But most of my work as a coach happens on the phone and online. I use Zoom for video calls, and phone for audio-only calls.

How it begins

It all begins with a free 15-minute exploratory call.

At this initial meeting, we’ll discuss your writing project, and your your writing experience and challenges. You may already have a clear idea what you need, or you may not. That’s cool! We’ll figure it out.

A custom plan

Every writer’s life and goals are different, so I create custom packages that account for the fluid nature of this work.

For these individualized packages, my fees vary based how much time I expect to spend working with you.

Making a commitment

If you like what I’m proposing, you approve the plan and we’re good to go! After that, we set up a schedule for our work together.

How we communicate

We’ll use a combination of email, phone, Zoom and in-person meetings. You can choose the channels that work best for you.

During the period of our work together, you’ll have unlimited access to me by email. You can ask questions, send a smoke signal or celebrate a win.

For sharing documents, I love using Google Drive. I’ll ask you to share your writing with me using this free cloud storage service.

How scheduling works

I book meetings at prearranged times. I’m flexible about interview times during business hours (M-F, 9-5, EST).

Questions? EMAIL ME TO SET UP A FREE call