A bitmoji is shown. Daphne is in an owl suit. She holds a pointer, as though she is about to pass on some wisdom to her client. Text reads: Hire me as an editor.

I provide manuscript assessments for fiction and non-fiction book manuscripts.

I developed my understanding of editing non-fiction by working as a copy editor in a newsroom. Though the process of editing is a little different for books, my collaborative, time-efficient style was built in the newsroom, where deadlines are short and reporters depend closely on editors for timely feedback, as well as a sense of accountability for their process.

After I “retired” from daily journalism, I took editing courses in the Ryerson Publishing program, where I learned industry standards and developed an understanding of the publishing culture and how the traditions of book publishing vary from the newspaper business.

My understanding of fiction writing comes through my experience as a self-published fiction author, as well as a student and teacher in the Sarah Selecky Writing School.

Selecky’s digital writing community has helped me understand how to talk about fictional stories. With its intersectional feminist approach, the school cultivates sustainable writing habits and a compassionate, inclusive community. Working closely with fiction writers of all levels as a teacher of the school’s courses has helped me learn to communicate compassionately with writers of all levels.

I’ve also taken editing courses in the Ryerson Publishing program, where I learned industry standards and developed an understanding of the mainstream publishing culture.


I work with both emerging and experienced writers, but I’m especially suited to working with writers who are just beginning the journey to publication. Because of my love of teaching, I take an approach to editing that helps writers develop their craft and deepen their writing practice.

One author I worked with was a naturopath who self-published an ebook about natural healing and holistic nutrition.

Another was an emerging fiction writer who scored a book deal with Wattpad Books.


  • short story critiques
  • substantive novel editing
  • ebook copy editing
  • article editing


I’m a linguistic minimalist, and proud of it. I remove the clutter so the point is clear, memorable and delightful.

I can synthesize information quickly, transforming complex narratives into relatable stories that connect emotionally with readers.

My approach with authors is to always to cultivate a love of writing and a joy in the process. I help writers discover and lean on their strengths while developing new skills and addressing their weaknesses.


  • workplaces
  • technology and innovation
  • personal finance
  • parenting and families
  • real estate and renovations
  • books and reading
  • sustainable living


I act as a publishing consultant. For clients who request it, I can advise on platform development and social media.


It all begins with a phone call, or, if you’re in or near Toronto, an in-person meeting.

At this initial meeting, we discuss your editing needs, including the your target audience and goals for your book, as well as your timeline. 


Based on our conversation, I provide an itemized estimate that includes a brief description of what you need, how much it will cost, and when I can deliver.

If you like what I’m proposing, you approve the estimate and we’re good to go!


My fees vary based on the length and complexity of your manuscript. All the details will be explained in your estimate.

For manuscript assessments I ask for half of the fee up front, and the rest when the work is done.


Email me to set up a free call.