A bitmoji is shown. Daphne sits on a large mushroom reading a book. She is surrounded by green grass and looks happy. Text reads: Hire me for integration.

I’m passionate about intentional use of psychedelics, and I’m learning everything I can by taking a year-long course at Synthesis Institute in the Netherlands. It’s a course designed for non-health care practitioners. I see this as a natural extension of my work as a yoga and writing coach.

I see myself as a preparation and integration coach for people who have had or expect to have psychedelic experiences. By guiding my clients through movement, reflective writing and creativity practices, I help people make sense of their visionary experiences and integrate their new knowing into everyday reality.

I see myself a reflecting partner for people who are experimenting with responsible use.

I do not advise people to use psychedelics. I don’t advise on where to get them, what kind to use, how much to use, or whether any specific individual should or should not use them. I do provide information and education about their power, risks and limitations.