A bitmoji is shown. A newspaper has a headline: Good News. Daphne is shown in a photo on the front page giving a thumbs up. Text reads: Hire me as a reporter.

I have a background in news, entertainment and lifestyles reporting. I’m also knowledgeable about finance and technology. I’m great at writing newsy articles in plain language on a short deadline. I sometimes put this to work in corporate settings by covering conferences, events and meetings the way a news reporter would, but for internal use.

I gather photos, quotes and information during the event and compile a custom package of content that helps the people who attended the event remember it, and the people who didn’t attend it get caught up.

I use my design skill to create beautifully designed PDFs that look more like a newspaper or magazine article and nothing like Power Point presentations.

Among the events I’ve covered a national conference on digital identity, a two-day strategy sprint for a tech startup, and a culture retreat for an international group of architects and designers.

If you have an event coming up, reach out to discuss how I could help create a series of articles that makes sense of what happened. I love to collaborate with facilitators and event planners.

You’ll get way more value and a longer tail for your event if you end up with brilliantly written content.

I will:

  • take assignments as well as pitch ideas
  • help you find the best stories
  • write in plain language for a general audience
  • design content that is organized and easy to navigate
  • welcome your feedback and respond to your expectations
  • advise on best practices for publishing and sharing

Let me help you turn your conference into a print book. Or an ebook or website, whatever works for your bespoke audience.