Marrow Thieves cover

The Marrow Thieves is a worthy read for all ages

This fast-moving, dystopian novel with Indigenous protagonists is the book every Canadian should read this year, a fact established on CBC Canada Reads — even though the book didn’t win

The Marrow Thieves didn’t win this year’s CBC Canada Reads debates, but I believe it should have. I was thoroughly convinced by Jully Black’s defense of the book on the annual book battle, and reading it was a confirmation that it’s a timely and important contribution to Canadian culture right now.

Telling the story of group of Indigenous nomads who are on the run in a future society beset by climate change, The Marrow Thieves creates a dystopian world in which people have lost the ability to dream and Indigenous people are hunted for their bone marrow because it’s believed to be the remedy.

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