Susn Juby's memoir, Nice Recovery is shown. It features a woman wearing a white and red dress, lying face on a bed, with her arms out to either side.

My favourite books of 2022 (so far) 

Canadian YA author Susan Juby is dominating my reading life

I think I’m addicted

Since discovering Juby’s 2003 breakout YA novel Alice, I Think in a Little Free Library a few weeks ago, I’ve now made good use of the Toronto Public Library’s Holds system to read seven of Juby’s print books and listen to one audio book.

That’s right! Eight books in just over a month.

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The Culture Code cover

The Culture Code makes office dysfunction seem fixable

Dan Coyle’s bestselling book shows how simple changes can boost creativity, productivity, and life satisfaction

The Culture Code is not a business book, and that’s precisely what makes it a great business book. It reminds us that the skills of connecting with people are universally applicable and simple to learn. Whether you’re a volunteer fundraiser, a newbie soccer coach, or a global CEO, the techniques explained in this book can help you help others.

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