Work with me

I create intelligent content.

Specializing in articles, blog posts and lead magnets, I know how to produce accurate content on a tight deadline.

With my background in journalism and my passion for information design, my superpower is my ability to distill and convey complex ideas with grace and clarity.

Check out my portfolio for writing samples.

But I’m not just a writer.

I’m a content evangelist. I truly believe that the act of creating content forces organizations and people to get clear about their goals, identify their audiences, and commit to their purpose.

I love to mentor non-writers, coaching them to write clear, persuasive and moving content they are proud to share with the world.

In some cases, I work in a ghostwriting role, interviewing my client, then creating written content based on their knowledge and voice.

I’m also skilled in content strategy, editing, working with visuals, SEO, and social media.

My subjects:

  • books
  • writing
  • creativity
  • productivity
  • holistic fitness
  • careers
  • workplaces
  • technology
  • finance
  • real estate
  • midlife
  • parenting
  • marriage
  • feminism
  • spirituality
  • social justice

My forms:

  • journalistic articles
  • blog posts
  • ebooks
  • lead magnets
  • email newsletters

If you have a goal, you need strategy-driven content.

Let’s make it together!

Contact me to set up a call. We’ll talk about your content project and how I can help you use storytelling to achieve your goals.