Work with me

I’m a writer and writing coach

I help people and organizations use storytelling to achieve big goals.

Sometimes I do the writing. Other times I coach people to do it themselves.


As a writer, I lean on my training and experience as a journalist to write journalistic articles for mainstream media publications, as well as entrepreneurs and organizations.

Throughout my career, I’ve worn many hats. I’ve been a reporter, a copy editor, a page designer, and a proofreader. That variety of experience means I can be versatile, adapting to each client’s specific needs. 

Who I work with

I’ve worked with solopreneurs and small businesses, independent media companies and not-for-profit organizations. If you have a story you need to tell, but lack the skill to do so, I can help.

My services

  • Blog post/article packages 
  • Website content 
  • Newsletters
  • Ebooks and digital downloads
  • LinkedIn posts

My superpowers

I use a journalistic style.

I’m a linguistic minimalist, and proud of it. I remove the clutter so the point is clear, memorable and delightful.

I can synthesize information quickly, transforming complex narratives into relatable stories that connect emotionally with readers.

I’m great with long forms of content, from in-depth features to full-length books.

I’m skilled with collaborative writing and ghostwriting. 

I write journalistic, informational stories. I keep it simple, but I never dumb it down.

I love to work with people who see storytelling as a driver for social change and positive impact.

My speciality subjects

  • workplaces
  • technology and innovation
  • personal finance
  • parenting and families
  • real estate and renovations
  • books and reading
  • sustainable living

I see the big picture

I’m a content evangelist and a publishing consultant. I advise my clients on content strategy, visuals, SEO, and social media.

I’m able to oversee editorial projects from ideation to planning, writing, editing, design, proofreading and publishing.

More details

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As a coach, I lean hard on my experience as a journalist.

My experience in newsrooms taught me about the mechanics of language and stories. How they work, why they work, and how they can be better. It also taught me about workflow, efficiency, collaboration, research, information design and document management.

I show writers how to draw on the methods I used in the newsroom to make reliably good content on a deadline. I provide tools for developing a professional, productive, predictable output. I ask them to put aside other important things in their lives to prioritize their writing.

I also draw on my study of yoga and its philosophies.

For the past 20 years (more, maybe?) I’ve studied yoga. I earned a 200-hour yoga teaching certificate from YogaSpace in 2003. I completed a 3-month yoga development course at Yasodhara Ashram, a residential community in British Columbia. And I’ve taken so many classes and workshops with so many teachers from around the world, I can’t even count them on two hands.

I find the yoga mindset translates well to writing.  At the very least, it can help writers cope with the pain — physical, mental and spiritual — of putting words on the page. It can help us focus our minds, hear our authentic voices, and have the courage to say what we really want to say.

Each person and each project is different. Sometimes it’s more writing; sometimes it’s more yoga.

Who I work with

I work with people who want to take writing more seriously.

  • Fiction and non-fiction
  • Experienced and beginner
  • Individuals and groups
  • Artists and entrepreneurs

Spreading posi vibes

I especially love to work with clients who are ready to get totally fired up about writing. Enthusiasm and commitment are sure signs of a writer who will respond to my coaching and end up writing an amazing book or launch a kick-ass blog.

Posi writing vibes are my specialty. I bring attention to what’s working in your writing to help you bring more of that to the page.

Don’t worry! I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll definitely show you where your writing could be more amazing. I’ll explain elements of craft that can help you be more clear, compelling and concise. But critique is not my style.

I’m not looking for what’s wrong. I’m looking to give you positive feedback that rewires your brain and body so that you can express yourself more honestly than ever before.

Cracking the whip

I mean, I sort of care that your car broke down, your friend got married and your kid had the flu … but not really.

What I do care about is whether you met your time-based writing goal this week. My job is to remind you to show up for your deadlines. I keep firm expectations. I remind you to prioritize what is important to you.

Types of projects

A few examples of writing projects I’ve helped clients with:

  • self-published books
  • ebooks
  • blog posts 
  • LinkedIn posts
  • fictional short stories
  • art grant applications
  • social media posts

I’ve also worked writers who didn’t have a particular project in mind. They write for fun and pleasure, but haven’t yet figured out what genre or platform to focus on.

That’s totally understandable. There are now so many writing and publishing options! But not knowing what to write is nothing to worry about. I’ll help you move from indecision to experimentation.

My superpower

I honestly believe every person has a writer inside of them, whether they think of themselves as writer or not, whether they believe they are a “good” or a “bad” writer.

Everyone has a story. And everyone has a unique way of telling that unique story. So I’m not here to teach writing rules. I’m here to give you permission to say what you really, really want to say, in whatever way you want to say it.

My goal is to rewire your brain using the concepts of yoga, revealing that there’s no such thing as a good or bad writer. It’s about accepting yourself, creating a practice, finding a community, and showing up with your whole self.

My special sauce

Writing should feel good!

Drawing on my experience as a yoga teacher, I use movement, breath and visualization practices in my coaching sessions, as well as writing prompts, to help writers feel great and be more productive.

My goal is to nudge writers out of thinking, judging and planning mode and into a state of flow, which translates to creativity and productivity.

Movement and mindfulness practices can also help writers create a sustainable practice. I help people find simple ways to cope with the physical reality of writing: Sitting, typing, and staring at a brightly light box.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done yoga! We’ll use simple exercises that can be done standing near a desk or sitting in a chair.

And don’t worry if you think some aspects of yoga are weird. I use simple language. I don’t speak Sanskrit, and I won’t try to balance your chakras.

Each person and each project is different. Sometimes it’s more writing, sometimes it’s more yoga.

More about how I work

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Keep in mind, every client is different. I can adapt to your needs and constraints.