The book Swimming in the Sacred is shown beside a coffee cup.

Psychedelics aren’t a mental health trend, they’re a sacred message from nature

And women are the wisdom holders

In the first pages of her 2023 nonfiction book Swimming in the Sacred, author Rachel Harris dedicates it to “the women who have practiced the art of guiding journeys despite great legal risk to themselves.” She goes on to describe these women as “the true heroes of the psychedelic renaissance.”

When I first read that line, I couldn’t help but see in my mind’s eye a list of the people typically named in the histories… Gordon Wasson, Stan Grof, Allan Watts, Aldous Huxley, Albert Hoffman, Ram Dass, Timothy Leary, Wade Davis…

The names came to mind easily, and the parade of men marched proudly on. Swimming in the Sacred effectively interrupts the parade of men to introduce 15 unknown women who have been ethically, gratefully and quietly working in the psychedelic underground for the past two decades.

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Rise Sister Rise is the rousing call I need to hear right now

Rebecca Campbell’s 2016 book envisions a Tangibly better future for women

Rise Sister Rise: A Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within practically jumped into my hands the first time I saw it. The cover, the colours, the title, the subtitle and the author bio on the back page… They all spoke directly to me.

And yet, I didn’t buy it that first time I held it in my hands. I don’t really understand why. But now that I’ve read it, I think maybe I wasn’t quite ready to hear the wisdom within this surprisingly empowering book.

Campbell’s tome, which rings with poetic truth, says exactly what I need to hear right now. The book is an invocation and an invitation for all women to turn to the wisdom they already have. It also calls for women to cultivate sacred sisterhoods.

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The cover of Melinda Gates' book The Moment of Lift

The Moment of Lift is more uplifting than I expected

Author and philanthropist Melinda Gates had to overcome my doubt about her relevance

I have to admit I didn’t have huge expectations of Melinda Gates’ book The Moment of Lift.

I couldn’t help noticing the book when it came out in April, 2019. I admire Gates for her philanthropic focus, and I was attracted to her book’s title and premise — that the world will be better off when women are lifted out of the low status afforded to them in many cultures around the world.

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