The Awakened Family cover

The Awakened Family brings a yogic mindset to family life

Shefali Tsabary’s book brings an attitude of mindfulness the world of parenting. The author, a psychologist, asks adults to look inward to stop controlling their kids and start controlling themselves.

The Awakened Family is like a yoga class, but for your parenting. It will stretch, strengthen and bring balance to your family life. It will cause you to look inward. It will ask you to grow up.

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Worry-Free Money provides hope for families

The new book by renegade financial advisor Shannon Lee Simmons creates a useful shared vocabulary for talking about money. It shares relatable stories about how families can get on track

Shared vocabulary is a super-important concept in families, and sometthing I think about when I select books. If our family doesn’t have a shared language in which words have a stated and mutually agreed-upon meaning, then meaningful conversation is simply not possible.

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